Online Invitation that Saves Your Wedding from Coronavirus

Read the guideline on how to announce your wedding digitally without the worry of the Coronavirus spread.

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Every couple on this earth that has been planning their wedding in 2021 was hurtled by the coronavirus pandemic. All the dreams of sweet and memorable wedding become a worry-full day whether the things can happen as how it was planned. Now that the New Normal has arrived, the couple forced to re-think their plan so it can comply with the basic health protocol to avoid coronavirus spread on their wedding.

Back to the pre-coronavirus days, we used to send printed wedding invitations to our family and friends. Now we have to re-imagine that way as the virus can spread through physical surface including the printed invitation that you give to your relatives.

Thanks to the internet, it enables us to publish almost anything in reality (including your wedding) into the worldwide network and visible from any corner of the world. So, the bride and groom can take benefit from this common technology to make the dream weddings happen smoothly without the worry of the virus spread. To find out how an online wedding invitation can help your wedding, Wedwebs team has curated several features that you can utilize as follow:

Paperless, Stay at the Safe Distance

An online wedding invitation is published on the internet as a website page. As you notice the word “online”, it means that you can easily share it with others by sending the link of the page through any kind of social media platform. You no longer need to send a paper to your family and friends because all the information about your wedding has been published on the web page. People can open it anytime they want directly from their mobile phones so they no longer worry about the “physical things” that possibly carry a Coronavirus.

Do More with Everything Digital

Tell your guest about the rundown of the event, the venue, the health protocol, and everything that you can’t do with paper.

One Tap to Route the Wedding Venue

Online invitation actually can display more information than the paper can do. One of the differences is that you can directly put a driving direction to your wedding venue by attaching Google Maps to your web page, the best local-guide that has ever known on the internet. Well, some used to do it with a barcode on their printed invitation, but with an online invitation, you make everything more simple and easy for the guest as the maps can be opened with a single tap to the button without the hassle of installing barcode scanner to your phone.

Smart "Local Guide" for Your Wedding Guest

With a single tap on the button, Google Maps or Waze will guide your family and friends directly to the front door of the venue.

Collect RSVP without Post and Paper

It is so common today that after you send a printed invitation to your relatives, most of them will respond or RSVP through your Whatsapp or other kinds of messenger apps. Now that you can put your invitation online, it means you can collect for response and RSVP online as well. There is no more paper collection from your postbox that ended up as waste at the end of your event.

Online RSVP makes it possible for people to share information that you can collect before they attend your event. You can ask them many things such as; attendance confirmation, the number of guests that will come, contact details, meal preference, wedding song requests, etc. These guest’s information could mean everything for your wedding event organizer as you can measure and anticipate how much logistics they should prepare, and all of it was correlated directly to your wedding budget.

Get Quick Response

Collect more information and attendance confirmation from your guest so you can better manage your wedding event preparation.

Choose Your Wedding Gift and Create Your Own Wedding Registry

Forget about receiving a ton of gift boxes at your wedding venues. With an online wedding invitation, you can publish a wedding gift registry as well. Your guest can choose wedding gifts directly from your favorite registry and send it to your house address instead of carrying it during the wedding party.

Have you ever think of receiving a honeymoon fund from your guest? Well, we often see couples doing it nowadays as they tend to have a new experience gift instead of pans and pots that they already have. You can do it by putting a wedding fund button on your online invitation so that your friends can send you the fund via credit card or direct bank transfer. And with the addition of confirmation form, your guest can tell you if they send a fund and you will receive a notification to your emails.

From Pots and Pans to Honeymoon Voucher

Coronavirus makes people worry to come to a public event like wedding. But you do not need to be worry as they can still send you a wedding gift online. Kitchen stuff or funds, anything can be done.

Virtual Wedding Announcement

We all regret to know that most people now tend to avoid public events or parties that gather many people. That is the reason some couples decided to publish their wedding virtually. There are a lot of services out there that the couple can use to launch their wedding event virtually so family and friends could live stream the event from their gadget. All of those virtual event services usually provide a link with a pass-code to join your virtual room. Now that you already have the link and the pass-code, you can easily share that link through your online invitation. Moreover, the long weird-looking link can be transformed into a simple button that fits with your wedding theme.

Let Your Friends Live Stream Your Wedding

Share your special moment of happiness with your relative in the toughest time with virtual wedding button that connects to a live event streaming platform.

Well, if you interested to announce your wedding through an online invitation, you can start a free consultation with Wedwebs team through the button bellow. And if you think this article is helpful please share it on your social media.

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