How does it work

We'll just go through these 4 easy steps

You share your wedding details with us

Tell us about your event details such as; the bride and groom profile, wedding date and time, wedding venue, etc. An easy-to-fill form will be sent out to you once you are ready to share it with us.

We design your wedding website

We will start to work closely to you on choosing the template of the invitation, copywriting the beautiful words, curating media content, matching colors, and publishing your wedding invitation.

You send it through social media

A social media message that includes your invitation link will be delivered to you. This social media message also comes with your photo as a cover. You can send this invitation as easy as forwarding it to your family and friends.

Your friends are amazed, and send you RSVP!

The invitation could be sent through Whatsapp, LINE, Instagram, Text Message, or email. Your guest will click the given website link and feel warmed to tell you if they will come or not.