We Found Love

Here’s the story: Once upon a time, we found a beautiful frequency on the internet that continuously transmit a boundless energy of love. We wonder if we could use it to share the moment and happiness of our wedding to our friends. So we decided to conquer it, mix it with a cup of creativity, and share it digitally. We’re surprised that everyone love it. We think we just found something beyond physical that is beautiful, satisfying, full of joy, and digitally accessible by everyone. Then we named it Wedwebs.

It's digital and beautiful at the same time

Wedwebs redefine the way you invite your family and friends to your event. The passion of our team to create such a modern and beautiful guest invitation experience is manifested as a beautiful web-based invitation masterpiece. Every design is specially made for each couple with respect to the theme of your event or the love story behind your wedding.